At Kiefer Electric Inc., we're dedicated to delivering top-notch electrical excellence to our valued clients. In this era of sustainable energy solutions, it's crucial to select a skilled electrician you can trust for all your electrical requirements. With our expertise spanning Residential, Commercial, and Service & Maintenance, Kiefer Electric Inc. is your premier choice for quality electrical services.

Santa Rosa is not just my hometown.

It's the bedrock of my roots and aspirations. Over the past two decades, I've dedicated myself to the electrical craft, and it's led me to a pivotal moment - the birth of my own venture. What fuels my passion is the art of resolving challenges and assembling electrical components, turning visions into reality.

My journey has taken me through diverse paths, from crafting custom homes in the non-union sector to contributing to vital union projects in schools, hospitals, and offices. This rich tapestry of experience has honed my expertise, and now, I'm excited to channel it into my own enterprise.

Moreover, I've joined forces with the North Coast Builders Exchange to introduce high school seniors to the world of trades. I firmly believe in nurturing the next generation's success in the trades, especially in the electrical field, as our nation steers towards a future less reliant on fossil fuels. The demand for skilled workers is on the horizon, and I'm committed to shaping a brighter future, one connection and project at a time.

Our Process

In every step of this process, we prioritize clear communication, punctuality, and exceptional service, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.